Milan is a city of art, fashion and culture.  Therefore, there is no doubt that when Carla Sozzani, the Italian editor, gallerist and businesswomen, decided to open 10 Corso Como, she picked Milan. This magnificent complex in Milan, that connects different outlets in a single place is the epicenter of art, fashion, music, design, cuisine and culture of Milan.

10 Corso Como was founded in 1990, starting as a gallery/bookshop. However, eventually, the ambition of developing a multiphasic art space pushed its expansion to become a design and fashion store, a café, a small hotel and a roof garden. Their logo, designed by talented artist Kirs Ruhs gave them a unique personality that explained the freedom, and quirky – artistic style that only this center can showcase.

By 2009, 10 Corso Como was a well stablished high class, exclusive, art center, and thanks to the variety of products but the selective quality of art, 10 Corso Center started to expand its brand overseas. In march 2012, their second location opened, this time located in Seoul, also designed by Kris Ruhs, followed by Shanghai, Beijing, Milano and finally New York.  

Currently, the original space in Milan was sold by 30million euros to former owners whom plan to re-structure the building, still along the master mind of Carla Sozzani. Let see what follows!