When it comes to visiting Cabo you can find plenty of articles intended to highlight the main activities and attractions available, but the reality is somewhat different. What to do and where to go depend greatly on your budget to enjoy such a diverse destination and one of the top cities in Mexico.

If you are more of a backpacker kind of traveler, if you prefer adventures out of the ordinary, if you enjoy being surrounded by nature or if you are simply looking for good pre-arrival information, keep on reading, this article may be exactly what you need.

Cabo is one of the most impressive travel destinations that a beachfront city can offer, with an outstanding mountain landscape, sun, endless beaches and above all unexpected fun. It is definitely not for everyone, so here are 5 things you must do if get you visit it:

1. Venture to the Arch: One of the most beautiful and representative spots in Cabo San Lucas – and quite rightly – since the view is fascinating. Filled with amazing rock formations displaying stunning hues of brown and orange in perfect contrast with a deep blue ocean background provided by the Sea of Cortez. A view you can only grasp to the fullest once you are actually there. No picture will do justice! Those giant ancient rocks with their muddy textures see thousands of tourists daily. You can appreciate their beauty from morning to afternoon but we advise you to seize the day and venture down to the surrounding beaches. You can go find a very peculiar rock formation shaped like the arm of the Mexican Republic territory outline or you can witness the playful see lions as they communicate with to each other 😀

3. Join a Whale Watching Tour: You can find tickets for this tour while strolling around the bay, there are several sellers ready to offer you their best deal. If the first one seems too appealing, try to wait until you’ve researched the next one, eventually you will get to the one that is more convenient for you. This tour is not to miss, just imagine watching a whale at only a hundred yards’ distance! People around say that sometimes whales shine when they know they have an audience, but it’s just a local urban legend. Keep in mind that this type of tours must always be carried out and guided by certified people with all permits in order and remember that the operator never guarantees you the whale sighting, they will merely charge you for the ride but whether you stumble upon the whale or not will absolutely depend on your luck and on the season.

4. Hiking: This activity is perfect if you like to work out while exploring a different site. We can assure you that not everyone does this so it would be a nice experience for you to treasure. Here’s an insider tip for you! At the marina, where the Mayan Monkey Hostel and Señor Frog’s Restaurant are located, there’s also a path that takes you to a small beach called Empacadora, right next to this beautiful beach you will discover the way to the rocks and small mountains that eventually get you to the Arch. You cannot do much there but enjoy the striking ocean view. No guide will take you through this track, which makes it more extreme and alluring.

2. Go to the Lovers Beach and the Divorce Beach: This couple goes hand-in-hand with the Arch. Boat ride is super cheap, depending on the season you can find it around 100 pesos. You can get off the boat at the Lovers Beach, which is a small cluster of sand in-between the rocks where you can swim or simply bask in the sun. You will find this beach is bit more crowded as it is the only area in the vicinity where swimming is allowed. And waves here are small, which makes it a great spot for kids to enjoy a safe and riskless splash. On the other hand, if you keep on walking you will find the famous Divorce Beach which we highly recommend taking the time to visit. It boasts a captivating view of the Pacific Ocean, with large waves that offer the eye an enchanting display of forms and colors presented by the water. Swimming here is prohibited as it can get quite dangerous when the tide is high. But you can return to the marina climbing rocks and turn an already good journey into the perfect sightseeing adventure.

5. Stroll through the Marina: This is one of the most popular activities at this destination but it is worth considering, it’s a nice walk that allows you to enjoy and get to know city. During the daytime you can encounter a sea lion, they’re always hanging around the boats and yachts and in the evening you can enjoy its restaurants, bars and quaint souvenir shops.

Lastly we recommend you to visit the Mayan Monkey Hostel, a concept that has transformed the way us travelers think, with rooms for any budget, shared or private accommodations or suites with balcony. Aside from its outstanding cleanliness standards, the hostel offers an exceptional location, just 20 steps from the marina, yep, 20 steps! A dream place for many. If you want to venture to a new place like Cabo San Lucas or just travel differently, check out their website, it will exceed your expectations.