This classic 8th generation arrives this 2019 faster and with more power, making it the most exciting yet.

Porsche’s flagship, the 911, has been mostly adjusted rather than upgraded after seven generations, keeping the fans’ favorite features intact. However, this year the new model seems to take a leap into the future, with elements such as the six-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, much more powerful than the previous ones.

The new Porsche was one of the biggest attractions at the 2018 Los Angeles Motor Show. It counts with a 45 mm increase in its front rack and a slighltly longer wheelbase. It has a more pronounced hod creases and flush door handles that give the new 911 a much more aggressive silhouette.

The external changes on the 911 are barely noticeable, the brand lets the performance and technology do the talking instead.

The Carrera S and 4S versions are available for preorder now and deliveries will start next March. The fortunate future owners will have the privilege of discovering the new and improved 911. A worthy contender against its closest two-door rivals, it has more power than its predecessors, combined with an eight-speed standard transmission that give the perfect dynamism and stability. From 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds in the Carrera S and only 3.6 in the Carrera 4S. Furthermore, it has an optional Sport Chrono package that can shave 0.2 seconds more.

Matching the exterior and performance upgrades, the design has retained the 911’s elegant and sophisticated classic interior with an added minimalistic touch. With a totally new technological overhaul, like the Porsche Connect Plus system, or the Wet mode that detects water on the pavement and adapts to maximize driver’s safety, or the Night Vision Assist system outfitted with a thermal camera.

The new generation’s improved design and performance have been well-received among the brand’s enthusiasts, although it has wisely kept the iconic silhouette of the Porsche 911. The digital leap as well as the possibility of launching an electric or hybrid 911 are proof that Porsche not only respects the classics but is also ready to jump into the future stronger than ever.