Designer Patricia Urquiola mixes minimalistic and earthy textiles with natural woods to blur the perceived line between interior and exterior.

Like getting stranded in a deserted island only to find Velaa Private Island Resort, one of the finest lodgings in the world. The resort has 43 lavish villas and 4 residences. Its location in the Maldives guarantees luxurious views, crystalline waters and an incredible marine fauna biodiversity.

Velaa shares its name and home with generations of sea turtles that have inhabited the island for hundreds of years. In fact, the turtle shell’s colors and patterns have been subtly integrated into the resort’s design. When see from above, the villas resemble a turtle’s head attached to the island body.

Czech architect Petr Kolardesigned this resort with a mostly modern concept although somewhat cozy with shades of the Maldivian essence. All designed to blend perfectly with its spectacular surroundings. Definitely, a space where privacy and good taste combine to perfection.


Recently remodeled, renowned designer Patricia Urquiola had the task of upgrading the interiors. She tailored each room for a variety of needs and exquisite aesthetics.  All, merging the interior with the exterior with a flood of custom items in a natural and organic way.

Patricia’s collaboration includes her own Moroso furniture collection. The result is beyond luxury.

Velaa‘s designer described this project as a place of «refined luxury», and his description couldn’t have been truer. The smoothness and subtle details in each space, make of Velaa a space where instinct and refinement follow the fortunate guest to a tropical heaven.