Chicago is rich in history, gastronomy, culture and sports, as well as a lively nightlife. A visit to this city must start with a Chicago Cocktail (1), which has been the envy of New Yorkers since the Prohibition. In the middle of famous Wicker Park (3), a secret entrance hides behind a mural on Damen Avenue that leads to Violet Hour (2), where they serve the best in town. The perfect introduction to the wild Windy City.

40 museums, impressive architecture and over seven thousand prized restaurants makes Chicago a must.

However, Chicago is as fascinating in broad daylight as it is at night. Enjoy and feed off of its history and energy. Visit The Loop (4), the city’s busiest and best located neighborhood and stop by the Superdawg drive-in (5) and try the best Chicago style hot-dogs.


In the evening, the best place to mingle with locals and tourists is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, where Chicagoans gather to talk , drink and enjoy the music at the Millenium Park Summer Music Series. Lastly, end your day with a tour along the river (6) and appreciate the city’s vibrant architecture and lifestyle while it prepares for another night of jazz, cocktails and fun.