With the excessive communication that we have every day, sometimes can be hard to read or to be part of a great story. Sabina Berman knew this, and that is why she made her work worth to listen. Berman is considered the top and most successful contemporary play writer in Mexico. She is a four-time winner of the National Playwriting Award in Mexico and winner of the National Journalism Award two times. Her talent is unique, passionate, critical and humoristic.

Sabina´s top novel “La mujer que Buceó dentro del corazón del mundo” has been translated into 11 languages and published in over 33 countries. A novel that discuss the perception of Karen, an autistic kid that perceives the world from her own version.  A beautiful story that illustrates the life and understanding of someone unique. Also, she´s the author of “El Dios de Darwin” a book that tells the story of Karen, a scientist that is looking for Darwin´s manuscript to understand the correlation from science and religion. Berman also writes essays, works for radio and television and theater plays.

Definitely an amazing author you must read.