Shadecraft Robotics is about improve your life to the limit. Their new product, SUNFLOWER is a highly efficient outdoor shadow, so you never get another sunburn. With the ultimate solar panel technology, and interrupted renewable energy even when it´s cloudy, SUNFLOWER will adjust to your necessities.

Your new best friend, wakes up in the morning, opens up, and tracks the sun during the day, and automatically closes at night. SUNFLOWER has high durability during high winds, rain or inclement weather. It is equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi, so you can control from your smart house, and connect it to your devices.  During nights, SUNFLOWER has integrated LED color changing lights.

Set up your party and play music, activating it with voice recognition, and take pictures with the on-board HD camera for both, photography and video capture.

Besides SUNFLOWER, ShadeCraft is a robotics technology company based in L.A which mission is to improve human life outdoors through robotic technology.