Coming this next October, the biggest play in the history of Broadway is coming to life. King Kong has been on the works for almost 10 years since the idea was taken. With a 20 feet tall marionette, and a $35million budget, this play is a mixture of theater, athletics, scenography and the biggest gorilla ever.

The stage will recreate the well-known King Kong story: A beautiful majestic gigantic creature is fascinated with a beautiful woman before it’s captured to go to NYC as a circus animal. Later, after breaking free, Kong runs through the city escalating the Empire State Building, finishing in a tragedy.

Erik Tanner for The New York Times
Erik Tanner for The New York Times

In order to recreate this story Broadway style, the company Global Creatures was requested to create a gigantic animal that represented the essence of Kong: Strong, beautiful and with life of its own. They definitely achieved the task.  The Kong puppet is a 2000-pound animatronic ape, with a metallic framework, big sad eyes and impressive movable facial gestures. This piece requires 14 performers and 16 microprocessors to operate, making the performance even more majestic. The performers that help with the puppet, dance and move their bodies beautifully, not only making the main character move gracefully but presenting a fantastic performance all along.

This new adaptation brings a fearless African-American woman as the main female character and a new debate questioning the definition of monster. There is no doubt this new adaptation of King Kong will reassure Broadway’s greatness and talent. A must-see this year.

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