Indra Carrillo is the new mexican rising Michelin star for his work at La Condesa's international gastronomy in Paris.

Indra Carrillo, one of the gastronomic promises of the year, demonstrates once again Mexican haute cuisine keeps rising to international fame. After earning one of the highest excellence awards, this Mexican chef has positioned La Condesa as one of the best restaurants in Paris and the world after appearing in the 2019 Michelin Guide.

His creative process includes a series of traditional techniques and influences from all over the world as well as his own experiences.

At 31, the Cancun native has had a very successful career in the culinary world. His style is marked by the adventurous spirit that has taken him to the farthest corners in the planet since he left his home to study gastronomy at the renowned French Paul Bocuse Institute.

Since, after ten years of experience in the culinary world, he has received awards such as the Young Chef Award by the Culinary Guide Gault&Millau or the Revelation and Best New Chef award of the Culinary Guide Pudlowski 2018.


Indra has worked at some of the best restaurants in the world, like Pujol (Mexico), Ginza Kojyu (Tokyo), The Ritz (London) and Le Bristol (Paris). The Mexican chef has built his career upon a constant learning and the assimilation of different philosophies and cultures. That’s why Carrillo’s dishes can use the refined French cooking techniques mixed with ingredients from around the world.

This recognition is the result of years of effort and dedication in which inspiration came from unexpected elements.

The kitchen of this young chef opens the world for us, while the restaurant takes us straight to his Mexican roots. La Condesa is more than a district in CDMX where he was born and raised and discovered his passion for cooking, for this talented young man is a dream come true: opening his own restaurant in the middle of Paris. Brilliant and talented Carrillo learned to cook from the great European chefs, and it’s reason for national pride his restaurant received a Michelin star only 16 months after opening.


However, the talented chef is aware this is no gift but the reward to years of effort and dedication. «Back in Lyon, when I was in the culinary arts school, while my classmates went partying, I was showering and getting ready to go to work at the bakery early in the morning. I was happy», he tells us. It’s evident how passionate about cooking he truly is but his drive to share this passion with other is what makes La Condesa truly remarkable.

And now, in this new page in his life, Carrillo is free to take his cooking anywhere he wants, and he won’t hesitate. His ever-changing creative style takes inspiration from the most unexpected elements, we are sure we have only scratched the surface of what will be an exciting, surprising and innovative menu.