Named on the 10 coolest cities of the world

Every city has its own flavor and the Chi Sá Buck (1) is in this city’s. The best place to try it is The Maison restaurant, which offers a unique experience and concept to develop a connection with your cocktail after mixing it yourself. Perfect for relaxing and having fun. And, after drinks, the Majestic Malacca (2) Hotel is steps away to welcome you into a lavish and comfortable suite.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this former famous seaport, once ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and British, taking a city tour is a must. Enjoy the view from the top floor of the Shore Sky Tower (3) and continue delighting your pupils with the scene along the emblematic river and the mail roads.

Make a stop at the Vedro by the River (4) Mall and enjoy all the glamour and style of the finest brands located in this complex. Finally, after finding the perfect outfit, wear it during dinner at Alto Sky Lounge (5) to close the day in a high note.