When traveling to Europe, don´t get fooled: Eastern European cities are as beautiful and luxurious as western, but, with a mysterious twist that will shake you to your core. Kraków in Poland is the perfect example. The second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland is small wonderland town between two rivers, that only by walking around the plaza, pours culture, art, and grace.

Near the border of the Czech Republic, Kraków is an important historical and visual gem due its well preserved medieval architecture, the largest in all Europe. With Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau structures, Kraków is an architectural journey. Impressive museums, churches, markets, an extensive night life, great food and spectacular night views. Currently, Krakow is one of the European Capital of Culture cities, an UNESCO City of Literature and host of the World Youth Day in 2016.

If by now we haven´t convinced you to visit Krakow, we suggest you two incredible accommodations to make you feel like royalty. The best and most exclusive restaurant in the city and the must-see-luxury attraction.

Hotel Stary

Located in Szczepańska Street, this hotel has 3 rybki restaurants, a luxury wellness & spa center, sky bar, and was winner of the renowned Paris contest Prix Villégiature as “the most beautiful hotel interior design in Europe”. This five- star hotel is characterized by its distinguished style, and a combination of traditional and moder arrangements. Original furniture designs, light add elegance and glamour.

Bonerwski Palace

This refurbished 13th century UNESCO palace is located in the downtown Market Square. The Bonerwski represents the epitome of glamour, luxury, art, history, and architecture. Previously owned by the Bonerowski family during the Jagiellonian dynasty is now high class, elegant hotel. This palace includes Chopin concerts by talented young artists, a SPA & Wellness center and a St John Jazz & Wine Club as part of their amenities. Considered by archaeologist as an important architectural treasure, by its medieval and gothic style of renaissance and baroque this hotel is not only a place to stay but a must-see when visiting Krakow.

The Pilgrim´s Route

Dedicated to Saint Anthony, this route full of magnificent sculptures in an underground chapel, build by generations of Wieliczka salt miners is one of the top attractions in Krakow. This route starts in the Chapel of St. Kinga which has altars and a carved pulpit, a copy of Leonardo da Vinci´s Last Supper and a statue of john Paul II. Finishing at the underground chapel an accompanied by the pilgrimage group to say Holy Mass, this route is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.  

Cyrano de Bergerac

Excellent selection of food and wine, with a romantic candlelight, authentic brick cellar from the 1350´s The Cyrano de Bergerac is a high class restaurant, winner of the Michelin 2018 star and winner of Expert´s Choice by TripExpert. Definitely a gastronomic experience.