The colossal works of Daniel Popper are visiting Mexico for the second time and landed the eyes of the world on Tulum as an art and culture epicenter, as well as a paradisiacal touristic destination.

Popper‘s Works are dazzling and mind-boggling, transporting the observer to a fantasy world of proportions that dwarf human perception of the environment.

Displayed during Tulum’s Art With Me, Come into Light symbolizes our deep connection with nature and ourselves.

The legendary golem and other mythical beings and deities materialize before our eyes in the spectacular displays and threaten to come alive at any moment, guardians of a natural environment threatened by modernity. Such colossal works have earned this south African artist fame and presence in world-class music festivals such as the Boom Festival in Portugal, the Rainbow Serpent in Australia, the Electric Forest in the US, the Afrikaburn in the Tankwa Karoo in South Africa and, most recently, the Art With Me in Tulum, Mexico.

Daniel Popper disrupts the public space and forces his audience to interact with his work and take ownership of the display, involuntarily becoming part of it. His art is tangible and palpable.


A key feature of his creations is the ease with which they can be dismantled, stored and reassembled for another exhibit but also their ephemeral nature being made with flammable materials. His ability to engage and provoke emotions, in addition to the dimensions of his work, are why the artist has become a hit in advertising among firms, bringing innovation to a field that combines art, sculpture and marketing.

In 2010, Fifa commissioned 10 giant puppets from him that were placed in the tournament’s official venues in his home country and delighted thousand of fans.

A year later, to represent his commitment to renewable energies, Popper built a real-life Baobab tree for Siemens. The structure was built out of wood recycled from pallets, while the energy needed to light the more than 6,000 LED lights used during its elaboration was generated by 17 seventeen bicycles. This project won a Bronze Lourie 2012 in the category of Best international Exhibition, Brand experience or creative event.


In a second project for Siemens, he created a sculpture for the Nelson Mandela School of Science and Technology. The 14-meter-high sculpture, made of galvanized steel, represents a wisdom tree and was planned as a permanent fixture that has become an icon in the daily life of the school.

Throughout his successful career, he has collaborated with other creative geniuses regularly, leading him to constant growth and enlightenment, improving his use of lighting, interventionism and video mapping for stunning visual effects used mainly at music festivals for the delight of the attendees.


In addition to his solo works, Daniel has created Pop Productions, a company responsible for the creative design of concepts, decoration planning and production, innovative advertising, interior design and stage building. It has been present in some insane parties like El Row or launching brands like Baby Soft.

The hype around this incredibly talented and creative South African artist and his majestic work is huge and we remain expectant to see more from him in the near future.