Either you are in a one-night trip, waiting for your next flight, or in a quick business trip, picking where to stay is always a struggle. You don’t want to spend that much for just one night, nor stay those ten hours waiting at the airport. That big hotel, full of people takes take away from your business.

Having that in mind, innovative hotel owners decided to rebuild hotels as we know it and created Nine Hours, a creative capsule hotel. In BIG LIFE we tell you more about how that works.

The hotel 9h has an innovative minimalistic concept. They have simplified life to the basic actions you need to connect one day to the other: take a shower, sleep, and get yourself dressed. Tasks that can be completed in nine hours, one to relax, seven for sleeping and one to take a shower.

The idea, is that 9h provides the facilities to complete all those tasks, charging you for a whole night (9hrs) or just napping time. Located in multiple Japanese cities, this hotel provides a locker, bath towels, grooming products and an individual sleeping pod. This includes a bed, a pillow and a lamp in each capsule. All the capsules are located in a large room, one in top of the other, similar to bunk beds, but private and spacious.

Along with the services included, the best thing 9h offers are a unique minimalistic design and decor. This hotel is like a trip on time, a connection with the future. The decoration makes this hotel look like a futuristic traveling capsule. Each product created for this hotel follows the same design, including the signs, the furniture and the colors of the walls. The grooming products are exquisite and elegant.

9h is definitely a pioneer in the service industry. If you visit Japan and want to make a trip to the future, this is the place to go!