Cellular structures, microbes, seashells and fossils reproduced on paper just like seen through a microscope.

Nature’s patterns and motifs in different contexts and scales are constantly present in his work.  A combination of science and art that tries to imitate the impressive detail observed in nature through her eccentric imagination. The result is so complex with an overwhelming amount of data to analyze, observe and classify. Her choice of materials was no coincidence either. He claims paper embodies the paradoxical qualities we see in nature, its fragility and durability, its might and brittleness.

The large pieces are cut by hand and slowly dissected with a scalpel to recreate the long processes of nature: growth, decomposition and recovery. Brown´s white sculptures are hypnotic and completely unique and fictional, recreations of the interaction between imagination and the “real” world. Magical Circle Variations introduced color to his work. His latest collection explores the striking visual similarities between coral reefs and the microorganisms found in the human body. Using the architecture of nature and organic growth, the artist presents us with sculptures that combine real and surreal elements. The magic of detail…on paper.