The n°1 restaurant of mexican food in Mexico, Porfirio’s, announces image and ambassador. Her name is Grecia Romo, proudly mexican.

Since the beginning of 2019, Grecia has been in charge of representing the brand in both public events and social networks, press and television. She has put the name of Porfirio’s on top and been an example of the talent of our country.

The marketing director of Anderson’s Group, Carlos Castro, says that Grecia will not only represent Porfirio’s in events and social networks, but she will also be the image of a the new gastronomic series that will be launched. It will be called “De la calle a tu mesa” and Grecia will travel around Mexico telling the history and provenance of the country’s most emblematic dishes and show how Porfirio’s pays tribute to national traditions with its unique and differentiated presentations.

About Grecia Romo.

Grecia Romo Gaxiola is an actress, originally from the city of Hermosillo, Sonora. She began her career at the age of 16 years, carrying out her studies in Acting, and later titled as a Graduate in Performing Arts by the University of Sonora.

She has worked as a cultural promoter for the Instituto Sonorense de Cultura, assigned to CONACULTA, as well as for the coordination of Performing Arts of the Instituto Sonorense de Cultura, with whom she also collaborated as a cultural promoter of different events related to arts and literature, along with other projects for the Government of the state of Sonora.

She has been living in Ciudad de México for the past five years where she works as an actress, participating in television projects, as well as in her first film starring. At the same time, she has taken part in several tv series of Televisa, in advertising campaigns and today as ambassador of Porfirio’s, which fills with pride us enormously.

You can find her on her on Porfirio’s social networks, its web page or in her Instagram.