Miuccia, the mastermind behind the famous fashion brand Prada, strikes again with her Spring-Summer 2019 collection. Months before the 2018 comes to an end, this magnificent trend-setter explains the idea behind such intriguing collection.

The concept: the clash between two opposites. Prada’s Spring – Summer 2019 collection is classy but also is freedom. Extreme conservatism with exotic rebellion. Sandy Olsson turned into Zuko’s dream women. The perfect collection for the young women of the millennium.

Reinforcing the female silhouette and a classy chic style, this collection maintains a feminine classy style, but with transparency, vibrant colors, cleavage, and bold patterns explores this new concept of woman. This collection includes traditional pieces such as white necks, bows and coats but includes leather, short skirts and masculine cuts. Fluorescent colors, crystals, sparkle, and breathtaking style.

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