The multinational company based in Palo Alto, California, TESLA, keeps innovating with every move. The company created in 2003 is considered one of the most important luxury cars company in the world, due its best-selling plug-in electric car Model S. Two years after the release of its first car, Tesla released the Model 3 vehicle, an electric car like never before.

Tesla Model 3 allow up to 155mph due its improved handling and aerodynamics. Acceleration from zero to 60mph in little as 3.5 seconds and a dual motor all-wheel drive. The dual motors respond to changing conditions in 10 milliseconds, plus unparalleled traction and control.

Just like previous models, this innovative vehicle is also electric. The battery can fully charge overnight, and in case of needing extra battery, Tesla has over 10k superchargers worldwide. Drive up to 310 miles with one charge and recharge 179 miles in 30 minutes.

The Tesla Model 3 comes with an ultrasonic sensor that prevents potential accidents by including a 360° camera and a 250meter radar to view multiple objects at a time.  Also, it comes with an Enhanced Autopilot features, expected to evolve to a self-driving vehicle in the future.

This vehicle is the epitome of innovation and technology. Do you have it?