Joël Robuchon is as today, still the most starred Chef in the world. Winner of the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France “ “Cousinier du Siécle” among others, this notorious Chef was a genius who loved and experimented with food. Now, after recent death, we remember his trajectory.

Robuchon´s started his career at age 29 when he was already the leader in the kitchen at the Concorde Lafayette managing over 90 cooks, thanks to his assurance, creativity and talent. Only to transition from that job to the first restaurant with his name, “The Joël Robuchon Restaurant” which was awarded Best Restaurant in the World by the International Herald Tribune.  Traveling around the world to find new inspiration and ingredients, expanding his knowledge and talent in food creation, he created a unique style for himself. Over the following years, Robuchon stablished a brand, based on the great quality of his dishes and the best taste on the world.

Particularly his travels to Japan gave him the idea of creating L’ Atelier de Joel Rubuchon, a restaurant where classic luxury style was replaced by the elegant Japanese design. A restaurant that would bring the cuisine in front of the guest. This concept expanded rapidly due its innovation and excellent concept. Not so long after, Las Vegas, New York, London, Hong Kong, Taipei, Paris, Bangkok, Shanghai, Miami, Geneva and Singapour had their own restaurant. Making him the most notorious Chef of the world.

After he became a well-known chef, he hosted three TV Shows, including “Planete Gourmande” showcasing the best of his recipes for anyone interested in food, published about six books and won over 23 French awards, including three Michellin stars. One of the TOP Chefs in the world.