Heading the list we transport ourselves to the Caribbean with HROOF the most exclusive club, located in the hotel zone of Cancun in the rooftop of the prestigious Harry’s restaurant, both jewels of the magnificent group Anderson’s.

This place has revolutionized the night life of the destination, providing an electrifying experience. As its slogan #NotForEveryone indicates, this is the spot where the most trendy people meet every weekend, letting themselves feel the beats of the best DJs.
Behind the lounge is the “Room“, a more private place where you can spend your night with a different rhythm, a shot bar that will make you return to your table with the best attitude to get to see the sunrise on its imposing terrace overlooking the Nichupte Lagoon.
Hroof is the high end place of destination par excellence.


Following the list is Republica, located in the famous nocturnal point of Polanco, Masaryk, in Plaza Centro. This club seems a fashion show from the entrance as the attendants dazzle when they get off their cars and vans entering the square to the already known “cadena ruda”. If you are from the socialite of the city you have assured your entry, if not, you will have to take your best methods to capture the attention of security people.
Once inside, a world characterized by good appearance and the characteristic term “Mirrey” will appear in front of you. The music is generally pop and reggaeton at some time of the night. There is not an extensive cocktail menu, rather the classic drinks.
The place has a cover that applies only to men, women are privileged.


In the 3rd position, one of the best secrets of Polanco (Mexico City) where very few people have the privilege of passing the entrance.

It is said that Dinsmoor with a concept “speak easy” has managed to position itself as one of the best night spots in the country.
With the best national and international DJs, a rather common aspect on the outside but elegant inside, this place receive the elite of the city, allowing access only to members and guests of these.

Loo loo Studio

In 4th place we have the Loo Loo Studio, a trendy place in the downtown of Mexico City. This club is the indicated if you want to go dancing because the dimensions of the place are quite large allowing to have a comfortable track to move the body to the beat of the DJs of the moment. You also can release yourself in their reggaeton room, the perfect spot to raise the temperature with your partner.
We recommend you to arrive with reservation since the security is quite demanding with its assistants.


And lastly, in 5th place we have Hart, located in Leon, Guanajuato. It has an excellent night life and, although it is for a younger target, it is still one of the best spots for people who likes good party.

The bar below allows you to have a first drink, talk for a while and prepare you for the intense night that you will live on the second floor of the place, where the attendees dance all night listening to the best hits.