He spends the most of his day barefoot, but he doesn't need expensive shoes to host Ibiza's biggest stars.

Vintage is a concept we’ve had to learn recently. However, for Vicente Hernández – aka Vicente Ganeshavintage fashion has never stopped being a creativity bounty. He arrived in Ibiza a stubborn hippie in the 1970s, when the island was at its liveliest and most colorful. After many years in the fashion industry, he chose this place to open his legendary boutique, a paradise of garments imported from India, designs by Vicente himself and a careful selection of second-hand items.

Each winter he escapes to Argentina and India, from where he imports hundreds of garments and fabrics to add to his wonderful collection.

What started like a garage sale has become one of the island’s attractions. Is well-known this little corner of the Spanish Mediterranean is a refuge for stars and millIonaires from their busy lives. Its relaxed atmosphere and Ganesha’s authenticity have attracted personalities looking to be treated like just another customer in a store full of hidden treasures, personalities like Valentino Garavani, Giorgio Armani, Olivia Palermo and Anne Hathaway.

Some call him the last hippie on the island. Whether he is or he isn’t, his store – named after himself – is one of the few remnants of the real Ibiza, with its bougainvillea-garnished façade and its records collections, books, furniture, clothing, accessories and items from all over the world he has collected during his travels. A vintage paradise for those who know how to appreciate it.